Ford: 3 Weeks Old


Here we are again--Sunday and this is the first free moment I've had to post anything. The MM is trying hard to keep Ford happy for at least another ten minutes while I post before it's time to nurse again.  This is how we measure out our days! Ford weighed in at 8 pounds and 12 ounces at the doctors for his two week check up this week, so we certainly know that he's a good eater! He's also still far longer than he is wide, so the clothes that don't bind length-wise still have him swimming in the arms and around the mid-section.  His mother wishes she had this problem, but this had sadly never been the case.

One of the 3 minutes when he was happy in the bouncy chair.  Being held is always preferable.

Ah, sleep.  Exactly what I should be doing right now!

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