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I never knew how OCD I could be until we became homeowners with a yard and gardens.  I find it very, very hard to garden in moderation.  So I've had find something else to keep my occupied....and I'm back to knitting.  Even though I just finished saying that I was ready for a change and want to be outside all the time.  I do, but doing quickly becomes over-doing and that's no good at 35 weeks along.

If I can find a substitue for the very spendy 100% alpaca that this pattern calls for, I'm thinking about making it in the 12 month old size and adjusting the pattern to make it not quite so sweet and girly (the pattern is actually called Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan).  I think buttons all the way down the placket will do it.  And a blue/green/yellow colorway for the Fair Isle detailing.  Planning these things is almost more exciting that actually knitting them!

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