Nursery Valances and Cabinet Doors

 I finally finished this project last weekend and the MM mounted them above the windows for me.  I was more than a little surprised when he said he liked them so much that we should have valences over the windows in our bedroom too! I prefer keeping the old bulls-eye molding exposed in our room, but it was cute.  I stuck with the Oliver + S City Weekend print that I used for one of the swaddling blankets:

I had two sections of 1x4 cut just wider than the width of the window at the bulls-eye medallions and then attached the valances to them with velcro that I had left over from another project.  One L-bracket to secure it all to the molding on each end and we were finished.  I should have made the valance strips about 3 inches longer on each side--they don't wrap as far around the edges and I'd like, but if you don't look too hard, it's fine.  The ladies at the fabric shop here in town promised that if I lined the strips with muslin, then the seam where I pieced the fabric together would not show.  They must have meant if the seam was placed at the edge or on the side, because I can definitely see the seams when the light comes through.  But all in all, not a bad first attempt at DIY home decor.

Meanwhile, the MM has been in the garage, hard at work on our new kitchen cabinet doors.  It's a too cold to go out, too wet to play ball sort of day in Missoula--no rock climbing today. So he just walked in with this trial run of what the new Shaker-style doors will look like:
Painted white, eventually (obviously!) and finished out with the IKEA  Svep knobs and drawer pulls that we bought nearly 1 year ago:

My excitement over freshly painted, new doored and hardwared kitchen cabinets is a little embarrassing, but at least the MM shares in my home dedorkiness.  Decorkiness? You get the picture.

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