Original Crib Mobiles

After seeing this  mobile in a nursery featured on Little Green Notebook, I knew I wanted to find a beautiful, original mobile to hang above the little guy's crib.  I did my hard work over the weekend gathering all the necessities into the basic online registry, but now it's time to scour Etsy for something truly special.  At a glance, here are a few to love:

Woodland Creatures (a little more Montana than sailboats)

A little felted climber!

Modernist inclinations

Driftwood and Elephants

For the next Dali

I tried to avoid the bird thing, I really did.  But this one is awesome.

Bright and Happy

What's your favorite?


Lizzie O. said...

First choice would be bright and happy. Second is modernist inclinations. But something tells me you will totally get the little climber! Ha! Hope you are well!!! xo LO

annabelle said...

I love Bright and Happy! And it's way more affordable than some of the others : )

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