Bon Weekend: Finished Kitchen

Here it is! New ceiling, inset lights, fresh paint, dim-able chandelier.  I'm just hoping the MM is still motivated to build new cabinet doors now that warmer weather has arrived in Missoula.  Day in the garage with a project or day in the Bitterroot firing off 5.11c's in the sunshine? We don't call him the Mountain Man for nothing.  Maybe I'll get new cabinet doors next winter!

This and last night's red velvet cake are long gone! They were both hits, but I think we've all consumed enough butter, sugar and flour around here to last us for quite awhile, thank you.

The sun is out and it's a miraculous 45F, so I'm out. Bon Weekend!


Alex and Emily said...

It's gorgeous! I'm envious!

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely! The chandelier is perfect + the pretty bowls on the shelves!

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