The Purl Bee and Purl Soho have come up with so many adorable knit and sewn animals over the years.  I have a running list of ones I've made as presents or recently discovered and hope I will have the time to create and recreate them for the Mountain Munchkin.  I love the idea of a whole menagerie of soft, handmade animals sitting on top of his bookcase or eventually tucked into the corners of his crib.  Here's what I have in mind:

 Felt Lamb.  Or Pillow

 Knit and patchwork elephants

 Rabbit's friends and relations

These guys again! I made two the other day in a fun but girly print.  The next two will be more little boy styled.  I get so excited searching for and planning new craft projects and sometimes lose stamina on the ones in progress.  Before I can start any of these critters, I'm off to work on something else that I'll hopefully be able to share soon!

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otis said...

I love the sheep!

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