Crib Bedding Found

One Kings Lane had a sale on Lulu DK baby bedding a couple of days ago! After rationalizing all the baby gear we're borrowing, being given or found for pennies on CraigsList (co-sleeper for $75!), I decided to go for it.  I will be spending many an hour gazing at that crib and decided it needs textiles that appeal to my eye and provide some nice shapes and contrast for the wee one. 

Bumper (love those blue satin bows)

Crib skirt.   I love a good inverted box pleat!

This meets with the requirement that the room look sweet and child-like without everything being covered in cartoon cars, bulldozers and monkeys.  I think it will look lovely with a classic Jenny Lind crib:
Another way of rationalizing the bedding splurge is what I'm off to do next: come up with a week's worth of suppers based on what's on sale this week, create one monster grocery list and hit the store just once.  And keep it within a more modest grocery budget.  I'm still in the "well this is a fun little challenge, now isn't it?" stage, but hopefully it becomes habit and breaks us of our bad habit of ordering carryout during the week when we think we're too busy to cook.  Good prep for the impending budget squeeze that is daycare! Williams Sonoma has a free weekly meal planner and grocery list that you can download here if you're like me and tidy form motivates you accomplish this sort of thing.  Bon Weekend!


Farrell and Lauren said...

We're having a no restaurant April in our house- maybe we can compare notes!

Alex and Emily said...

Beautiful! You have perfect taste.

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