It's Hard to Blog When Your Kitchen's In Your Living Room

Otherwise known as my excuse for being MIA for the last week.  Vacation, lots of work, midway through phase I of our kitchen remodel with all our kitchen furniture stashed horder-style in our living room and this "orderly house, orderly mind" lady is feeling a little....disordered.  But I have taken ever so many photos of the kitchen face lift and can't wait to share when the finished results of phase I are in place.  Meantime, I like this poster for the Mountain Munchkin's room:

And if I had a kitchen with more light and purty hardwood floors and marble countertops, I might be tempted to try covering one wall with wallpaper like this. 

After suffering through 4 days of scraping the most horrid dingy pink flocked wallpaper OFF one wall of our kitchen, though, it feels like insanity to wallpaper again, so we're sticking with paint.  But I like these anyway. 

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