Yellow, Black and White

I had a short laugh with myself this morning as I left our house--a dusting of new snow had our little bungalow looking completely black and white except for our bright yellow front door (Benjamin Moore's Yellow Raincoat).  Then I looked down and realized that I was wearing all black, white and a bright saffron scarf. 

So it would be a little over the top to re-do our bedroom à la this one with the new Kate Spade bedding collection.  But I love it anyway.  Image from the February issue of Lonny.  Best of all for lovers of yellow was World of Interiors' recreation of Nancy Lancaster's Yellow Room for their December 2010 issue. I have the feature very carefully stashed as tear sheets in my design ideas folder:

If I had those pages with me, I could give you the verbatim quote about Lady Astor, but it went something like "Nancy Lancaster was Virginia-born and possessed impeccable taste,"  except that somehow it tied her being from Virginia more directly to having great taste.  Always nice to hear from the Brits! She grew up in a beautiful home just west of Charlottesville called Mirador.  If it comes back on the circuit for Virginia's Historic Garden Week, do not miss it! 

CORRECTION:  Somehow I ended up reading Nancy Lancaster's NYT obituary after I hit "post" and learned that she and Lady Astor were not one in the same but in fact niece and aunt to one another.  Nancy Langhorne Astor grew up at Mirador with Irene Langhorne Gibson for a sister, but was not responsible for the famous yellow room.  Anyway!

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Live Better Lizzie said...

I totally think of yellow when I think of you! Ha

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