Bon Weekend: Tree's Up

From the camera phone, terrible quality, I know! But my digital 35mm is back in working order, thank heavens.  
 Now I shall have to throw a cocktail party to show off the house and mostly as an excuse to wear that Kate Spade LBD that I bought in New York.  Haven't found a reason to wear it in Missoula yet.  Shocking, right? Thus the need for a cocktail party.  The girlfriends are excited.  Their men are grumbling, but they should remember how much game this guy has partly because he knows how to dress:
All I want for Christmas is a Hamm. 

1 comment:

Alex and Emily said...

Great tree, fabulous dress! I hear you on the cocktail attire. I don't think I wore heals once in Vail. And it feels nice to get all fancy and feel all pretty. Have a fun one!

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