L.L. Chic?

Back in the early 1990's when I had bangs, tapered ankle jeans and both an L.L. Bean hooded anorak and a barn jacket, I thought I had arrived.  I also had a Bean plaid flannel shirt, as close as most of my all-girls prep school friends and I ever came to embracing grunge when Nirvana still had Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder still sang loud songs. 

Anyway.  It's been many, many years since I looked to the Bean catalog for fashion tips.  Imagine my shock and pleasant surprise to come home today and find a catalog for L.L. Bean Signature in the mailbox.  Y'all.  It looks like they kidnapped some designers from Rag and Bone and Madewell and had them take a bunch of vintage Bean looks (though luckily not 1992 again) and remake them for today.  The sartorial effect is absolutely charming.  So is the free shipping.  Witnesseth:
Cute, right?


Alex and Emily said...

I love that first dress!

Anonymous said...

you're right... so cute! but I especially just love a look back at the old AW. that barn jacket was awesome!!! and still is.


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