Monticello Acid Yellow

If I still lived in Virginia, or was even passing through, I would make a special trip up the mountain to Monticello to see the fabulous new (old) dining room.  Staff worked with interior decorator and Virginia native Charlotte Moss (whose recommendation of Jamestown Blue in House Beautiful inspired our front bedroom) to find a shade of bright, bright yellow to match a sample they found underneath the Wedgewood blue, which dated from the 1930s.  According to the story in Elle Decor, this shade of yellow would have been on the cutting edge of technology and fashion in the early 19th century, so naturally Jefferson had to have it for Monticello.  The great expense probably didn't help his mounting, debt, but it certainly makes a statement.  I can't wait to see what other rooms they return to their bright, bold original hues. 
P.S. the accompanying slideshow of other historic houses using bold colors is worth browsing if you visit Elle Decor's website.

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