Magic Morels

I'd walked past the wild mushroom man at the Farmer's Market two weeks in a row, telling myself that the mushrooms were just too expensive, and I'm a take 'em or leave 'em person when it comes to fungi.  I'll eat them, but they're not exactly my favorite and please don't ever make me eat a slimy portobello cap and tell me it's just as good as a hamburger.  It's just not so.

But back to my story.  On week 3, the mushroom man had fresh morels that looked as if they'd been picked just the day before. The morel is a mushroom even a lukewarm mushroom eater can love.  I knew that with fettuchine and some leftover spicy Italian sausage at home, I had the perfect accompaniments to a very special spring dish.  It was time to splurge.

Into the skillet went the chopped morels with garlic, olive oil and Italian parsely:
Then the sausage and a little cream (I used half and half and cut it with chicken stock):
Tossed with the pasta in a large bowl before serving, and then sprinkled liberally with fresh grated Parmasean and more parsley. 
No leftovers that night!

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