That Was Fast

Whoa. I woke up this morning and got to thinking about how we need a nicer set of chairs for the reclaimed old growth fir table we're having built for the center of our kitchen. The table will comfortably seat six and we currently only have two chairs and a couple of folding ones from Target.

So as I sipped my coffee, I looked through cafe-style chairs and eBay and saw these:

A set of six cane bottomed French chairs for $365 + shipping.  Sent the photo to my mom to see what she thought and her response was BUY THEM.  She's not one to purchase anything willy nilly, so I usually listen when she suggests it.  So I idly bid $300, thinking that I'd haggle with the seller for the next day or so, and possibly let them go in the end.  But no! About 30 seconds after I submitted the bid, the seller accepted and I appear to be the proud new owner of six antique dining chairs.  For about the cost of three retail.  That's fantastic, right? The fact that I didn't deliberate, hem and haw, ask people at work what they think, etc before I made my mind up is slightly shocking though.  Let's hope we love them.

1 comment:

Ann said...

ooooh, I like these! We used to have something similar on Bay Street -I really like the mini arm rest aspect!

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