Bon Weekend: Windy City Edition

I am headed to Chicago early tomorrow morning for a long weekend with some of my lady friends from college days.  Having not laid eyes on a one of them in just over a year, this is a very exciting prospect. 

Meanwhile, the Mountain Man and dogs will have to fend for themselves. The MM will have to cook for himself:
March 14th
(Ye Olde Farm Cottage Kitchen featured here)
And Chopper will be bereft:
For about 5 minutes.  Then he and Isabel will be back to these sorts of shenanigans. 
He sits on top of her in the car.  She tolerates it.  I do not always understand their doggy ways.

See you on Monday.  Bon Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, fun! My old stomping grounds. If I knew where you were staying, I'd annoy you with all kinds of recommendations for things. I will just mention one thing, in case you're up around the Webster Ave area shopping or hitting all the awesome bars around there---the Athenian Room is my favorite place ever! It's BYOB (or there's a bar next door you can buy booze from and bring over) and it's always got a great crowd and delicious food. Mmm! Have fun, can't wait for recap photos! p.s. your dogs are amazing.

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