The Yellow Door

Here it is folks:

Home Inspection Day, way back in February
[It'll be even better with that gangly arbor vitae on the left cut down tomorrow--maybe I should have waited to post!] That's Benjamin Moore Yellow Raincoat on the door.  It's brighter in real life, so I'm not 100% decided that I like it.  I think it needs to be a little muddier.  We'll see.

I post about yellow things a lot.  I think I've even posted about how I used to hate yellow and now love it.  This tickles my mother.....not yellow.  But she loves it too. 
Other yellow things today:
A quiche of beauty is a joy until you've eaten it all. 
The French are just so darn smart about food.  Soup, quiche, these are things that are delicious and can  be made with pretty much whatever you have on hand.  This one let me use up a remaining half an onion, a little cream, 2 last strips of bacon, a smidgen of ham and some absolutely amazing farmers' market eggs.  Thus the bright yellow hue.  Those yolks were gorgeous.  I probably should not eat another bite until the MM gets home on Friday.  Quiche Lorreftovers is not health food. 


Southern Exposure said...

I love it! It makes the house look so happy :)

Alex said...

Looks great!

Carey said...

Oh, Ann, it's lovely! I'm so excited! It's like you've brought a little Richmond charm to that little house. I cannot wait to see more changes. And this is having a huge impact on me---since we are looking at "majorly need help" properties in Florida for Rob to fix up and he's very "it'll do!" and I have this mental impasse I can't see to get past. You are a visionary, thanks for being an inspiration!

annabelle said...

Thanks y'all! Carey, I think if the house had required any structural work, I would've balked, but it's all been cosmetic. If Rob does the heavy lifting and all you have to do is pick out paint and decorate, you'll have fun. Go read PureStyleHome, Young House Love and look what Rachel from Southern Exposure (above) did. These couples did amazing things and had more territory to cover than our little guy!

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