Bon Weekend: More Yellow

I know I shouldn't complain about a week of rain and gray skies after we had such a dry winter and are always concerned about a bad fire season in Missoula, but dang! A rainy, cold Memorial Day weekend?!? In my mind, I'm going to a sunnier place by way of this COTE DE TEXAS' post about Mary Douglas Drysdale, "the Lady in Yellow."

This room made her famous:

Even if big, floor length silk curtains aren't your thing, don't these make you happy? They're just fun. 

The MM arrives home today after a long drive up from southern Utah.  I'll have pork tenderloin a la Mexicana from Rich Bayless' Mexican Everyday on the menu and then we're off to Bozeman on Saturday to set up the Yellowstone office of Wildland Trekking.  Bon weekend!

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