Lowes Stockholders Love Us

We keep realizing we need 8 more things at Lowes.  Light fixtures, fans, closet doors, trash cans.  But in the grand scheme, these are finishing touches on the rooms we tackled before moving in.  Folks, we are really getting somewhere.  Example A: The new baseboard trim in the living room.  It's one of these things that hardly anyone will notice, but if it wasn't there, oh, you'd notice:


This weekend we hung track lights, brought order to the garage and hung almost all our artwork.  In between, we ate spring in a pasta bowl:
Fettucini with Asparagus, Spring Pea and Pancetta via Epicurious.  I don't care about the side effects of asparagus, I LOVE it in the spring time.
I managed to thoroughly offend some babies:
Chopper and and the MM had a heart-to-heart.  Now we all exhausted. 


SummerEllen said...

Love the baseboard...it's all in the details!

I made the same pasta recipe from epicurious....yum! And I think I've eaten about six pounds of asparagus since the Market has opened.

Those are some CUTE babies.

And really, could the Chopster be any more ridiculous?!

I miss you guys living closer.

annabelle said...

The Chops Man excels at being ridiculous. We miss you too!! We'll be in Cville again in September for a wedding. Let's definitely plan to meet up.

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