I Think I'm Quitting Coffee

It just makes me too heart-thudding, can't think straight crazy and anxious.  Even on Saturdays.  That is some crazy anxiousness.  If yoga didn't tweak my back so much, this would probably be a good solution, but I'm going to skip coffee for a week and see how I feel.  Today was a marked improvement over the caffeine and deadline mania of last week. 
 Combine that with my shiny new iPod nano on which I listened to soothing music while I worked on a PowerPoint today (yes, public servants still use Ppt), and things felt downright manageable.

Other non-related news: My dear friend in Charlottesville delivered a 9 lb, 8oz baby girl without any drugs yesterday and sounded chipper on the phone today. I am in awe.  
And I'm with i suwannee on this one:  If I ever grow tired of our white bedding,
I would definitely go for this: Dwell Studio's Peacock Citrine bedding


Alex said...

The idea of giving up coffee and pushing out a 9 + pound baby makes me cringe. And we love our all white bedding. Your house is beautiful!

annabelle said...

Thanks, Alex! (Emily?)

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