Waterworks Hill

I've been meaning to bring my camera along for our regular walk up Waterworks Hill for ages.  There's a great view of Missoula from the top, even if your car is being broken into in the parking lot below....but that's a different story.  That involves my car being broken into at the Waterworks Hill parking lot.
 Anyway, folks have been asking for before and after photos of the new house project, but we are still a long way from "after."  Is it a faux pas to show the incredible mess that we've created en route to a (hopefully) beautiful living room? I'll try and snap a few photos tomorrow if there's enough light, but it looks like the place was hit simultaneously by a multitude of natural disasters, which I won't name in particular as I think that would be in poor taste given how many people are legitimately suffering in Haiti and Chile right now.
Where was I? Oh yes, the before.  Let the memory of that awful wood paneling see me through when I get the estimates in for what it'll require to fix the mess of glue, wallpaper and crumbling plaster that we found underneath, which I'll reveal as soon as I get some photos.  Meanwhile, I have put more time and thought into kitchen sinks in the past 24 hours than I ever hope to again.  Now I now what I'd like and (typical) can't afford, and likewise, what I'll have to settle for.  So no fireclay farmhouse sink.  They are roughly $1000 without a sleek new faucet.  But at least an undermount set up.  I will live with stainless steel if it's deep enough.

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