Pretty Is As Pretty Eats

Baby Carrot Soup from the March issue of Southern Living.  We liked the smoky adobo sauce in it.
The March issue is giving me serious Charleston, SC envy right now, by the way.  I love the idea of a house that's built around hospitality and entertaining.  Call it "gracious living," an idea I like, a hackneyed phrase I don't. 
 The article touched on all the things I'd like to do with our new house--build a welcoming front porch---and all the things I keep getting told I need to have--a proper dining room with a sideboard or huntboard.  I'm not sure how or if one would work in our big eat-in kitchen, so I'm still focused on finding the perfect big old farm table.
I love this wallpaper and the two small glass-topped tables instead of one coffee able.

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Farrell and Lauren said...

This issue made me want to get on a plane straight to SC. Oh well. Maybe next year...

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