Running Out of Cash Is the Mother of Invention

Well, the floor guys sanded our bedroom today and uncovered this:

 Total hack job.  
No wonder someone covered it with wall to wall carpet later on.  Much as I'd like to tear it all out and have them put down new fir floors to match the other two rooms, this is not in our budget (if we want a new refrigerator, that is).  So they'll refinish it as best they can and I'll be getting creative with rug placement.  These come to mind:
 Sisal at 8' x 10' to cover the offending bits via 
 And then one or two of these at 2' x 3' on top of the sisal to bring in the orange/coral that I'm thinking about.  No, I don't really care if the coral motif is so 2006, I like it and so will the gray walls.  From Williams Sonoma Home.

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