Happy 101 Award

My longtime friend and fellow blogstress Carey included me in her Happy 101 Award list.  Her kind words about i [heart] mountains:
 "my friend Ann's blog gives me the warm fuzzies. Life in Montana with her 2 dogs and handsome man, enjoying everything from home-cooked meals to DIYs. Just heaven." Well, shucks.  Big thanks!

So I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy and pass this on to 10 other blogs I love:
1. The Mountain Man
2. Isabel and Chopper
3. The Blue Ridge Mountains
4. Eating whatever you want after a big day of climbing
5. Cheese grits
6. Garden and Gun 
7. Double tall Americanos
8. Spring flowers--crocus, daffodils, iris, snowdrops
9. Scarves
10. The Santa Fe Enchilada at Continental Divide in Charlottesville, VA

10 Blogs to Love:
  • i suwannee Seriously fun design inspiration
  • smitten kitchen I cook something from this blog at least twice a month.  Gorgeous photos
  • The Plan My friend Lauren and her college pal's blog on entertaining, wedding stuff, cooking.
  • Southern Exposure A North Carolina transplant living in Staunton, VA. Amazing, inspiring home remodeling projects.
  • Adventures in Toulouse My friend Ann's very droll account of being newly wed to a Frenchman and all things French.
  • Little Green Notebook This lady has 3 daughters under the age of 5 and accomplishes more in a day than anyone I've ever heard of.  She's the queen of spending next to nothing and creating a beautiful home.
  • Nothing But Bonfires Holly Burns in SF. Hugely entertaining. I just hope she publishes a novel someday.
  • Belle Decor  Garden and Gun editor Haskell Harris' blog about all things Southern, design-related and lovely.
  • The Large Story My friend Emily's blog about her darling young family.  Love her sunny outlook on everything.
  • La Tartine Gourmande Totally beautiful food photography.  I'm just waiting for the book to be published.


Emily said...

Is that me? Ahhh, thanks! You just made my day! Do I get to play now?

annabelle said...

Indeed you do!

Farrell and Lauren said...

You are so sweet- thanks!

Southern Exposure said...

Thanks for the mention!

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