Perfect Montana Winter Day

Usually being MIA from the blog for a few days means we're out having fun.  Our mad dash through the Patagonia outlet was rewarding, but Ennis was sort of a letdown as a stopover/getaway, mostly because the Mountain Man got in a fight with the metal frame of the car door and we got to visit the Madison Valley Regional Medical Center:

It's actually a little worse looking now as the ensuing black eye fades.  Poor thing.  Oddly enough, I've done almost the same thing to myself, only I needed stitches.  This is why we belong together, I think. 

Anyway, Sunday we skied in the Absaroka Mountains just east of Emigrant, Montana and then stopped at Chico Hot Springs to soak and drink a couple beers.  It was warm, sunny and beautiful.
Finally, we stopped in Livingston and had supper at 2nd Street Bistro.  The meatloaf was the die for--I don't need any for at least another year, that food itch has been scratched.  I could almost be convinced to drive the 3.5 hours to Livingston just to eat there again. 
Exhausted pups. 


Lizzie O. said...

yall are adorable.
wishing i was someplace exotic!

Virginia said...

I LOVE that shot of the tired dog-dogs! The only thing better than one snuggled up dog is two snuggled up dogs!

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