Move Over Squash, I'm Now Obsessed with Cauliflower

This all started with a recipe from the February issue of Southern Living for a cauliflower gratin with an almond crust.  The combination of gruyere, panko and slivered almonds sounded warming and homey. It was a hit, and I had an extra head of cauliflower, so next I tried this:

Crackling Cauliflower, an Indian-themed dish from the Whole Foods Cookbook. It's basically cauliflower, garlic, red onion and lemon zest tossed together with a bunch of spices and canola oil: curry, garam masala, crushed red chili pepper, fennel seed, salt, pepper...maybe cumin?
 Then roasted in the oven and tossed with peas and cilantro before serving. Other than the canola oil, this was incredibly healthy and the MM and I both wished I'd doubled recipe.

Feeling like we're on a roll with the cauliflower thing, I can't wait to try the latest from Smitten Kitchen: Cauliflower and Caramelized Onion Tart.  Decidedly less good for you than the WF recipe, but YUM. 

First I have to figure out what do cook for supper for 6 tomorrow night.  Because it's been awhile since I made cheese grits and my darling grandmother gave me the real thing (stone ground grits!) for Christmas, I'll probably trot out my standard glazed pork tenderloins, green salad, cheese grits and let someone else fuss with dessert.  Although a pear tart would suit me just fine.

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Emily said...

Cauliflower is the best! Just roasting it with some salt, pepper, and paprika is awesome. I'll have to try this recipe too.

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