Growing Up So Fast

We were invited to supper at the lovely home of friends in our neighborhood last night. They've kept the dogs for us a few times before and the young lady of the house (age 5) loves Isabel and Chopper.  So much so that they were not only invited to supper last night but also issued their first invitation to spend the night at a friend's house!

I kid you not. While we don't like being home without the dogs (pathetic, I know), and they probably found the whole experience a little discombobulating (apparently that's how you spell it!), they've recovered and it absolutely made the little girl's weekend. Next thing I know, Chopper is going to want an allowance and and Wii.

Otherwise we've been up to the usual weekend stuff--soup for supper tonight, a little climbing this afternoon in unexpected warm temps and trying not to make ourselves crazy with impatience over waiting to close on the new house sometime this week.  Let's hope it's not Thursday as I have precisely a bazillion meetings that I can't get out of. 

Then I'm really going to be a delinquent blogger as we spend all our evenings pulling up flooring and tearing out paneling  and painting like mad until April 5th rolls around and we have to move out of the condo and into the new place.  I am currently trying to decide on a shade of (or just a family of colors) for our bedroom.  The MM thinks he can live with a pale aqua or yellow.  How very discerning of him! These might be our inspiration:

"Buttercream" says

Note the very trendy sunburst mirror and capiz shell chandelier. Are these going to feel tired in a few years? Love that fluffy area rug though.  And it makes me want to recover our headboard:

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Farrell and Lauren said...

I love your current headboard!

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