Back On The Farm

{Gah! so sorry about the broken links earlier}

While we were home, we spent a day in Charlottesville and visited the farm where we lived for two years.  We never saw this much snow while we lived there, but I can tell you that I won't be missing the small pond that has likely formed on our old front porch as that snow melts.

May 31st

But we didn't spend too much time thinking about those less savory parts of farm life, like dogs rolling in cow poo, returning from a summer walk to do a full body cavity tick check....what, you wish I'd stop? Fine.  All that receded as we enjoyed the bluebird day and did our old walk down to the South Fork of the Rivanna:

 Melted out rabbit tracks

We've returned to find it almost balmy in Missoula, with highs above freezing this weekend, but I'm hoping for either more snow or a few days and nights when it stays above freezing so that all our favorite trails become fit either for skiing or walking instead of, you know, ghetto luge racing.  To heck with YakTrax, I needed crampons today at Blue Mountain.  No one ever said Montana was for the faint of heart.

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