Montana Christmas Happenings

First, I want to announce that this is my 500th blog post! I feel like that requires noting--the blog come a long way since March 2007 when I launched it with a dark blue background and a photo of the Tetons. 

Now. Christmas time in Montana!  It finally started to feel like Christmas on Saturday when we got a big snow storm. Just before the snow, we put up lights and a wreath (2-day mailed all the way from Virginia) outside:

I finished brother in law Scott's hat (modeled by the MM):

And then we went Christmas tree hunting in the snow!


All decked out.  Excuse the grainy phone photo. We are headed back to Virginia for the holiday itself next week, but I'm glad we're putting up our own decorations too. And the dogs? Well, they have visions of gimpy squirrels dancing in their heads.

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