Knitting Season

With Season 3 of Mad Men all wound down (we watched the season finale last night and it did not disappoint), it's time to spend some winter evenings on the sofa with a knitting project or four.  I'm pretty bad about starting knitting projects and losing steam before I finish, but when I think about that $30 or $40 pile of yarn I just brought home from Loopy, then I'm galvanized to make good on my investment.

Currently I'm working on this scarf with some Rowan Kid Silk Haze in a pretty shade of raspberry. It's a little fuzzier than the yarn they've used in the photo and somehow my lacework isn't as clean, but I'm learning and I think tucked around my neck, no one will really notice.  Image and pattern from The Purl Bee

There's another project on the Purl Bee that I'm just dying to start, but if I reveal it here, I'll ruin a lovely surprise!  So we'll just have to wait on that one. 

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