Montana Adventures: Mission Falls


Last weekend we did an impromptu afternoon hike into the Mission Mountains to catch a glimpse of Mission Falls. The best shot I snapped was still from pretty far down canyon, and we ran out of time, but hello! That is one huge waterfall. We are now itching to get back, climb above the falls and camp beside what is apparently an amazing snow-fed lake in a hanging glacial valley (My adventurous self just mumbled something in her sleep and opened one eye in potential interest).


The lower part of the canyon turned out to be this amazing little lush, green ecosystem tucked away from the beating sun of St. Ignatius/Arlee valley. Huge cypress, ferns, even moss green alongside the trail and I could almost, almost smell things growing in the woods the way you can in western NC.

Of course, as soon as the canyon opened up farther upstream, the trail was totally covered in poison ivy, at which point I had a minor shit fit and had to head for the car. Nothing like a rash that requires prescription steroids when you have cruddy short term health insurance to put a damper on the afternoon. But I digress.

Site of the Poison Ivy Meltdown

We dig the Mission Mountains and will be heading there when the larch turn yellow. That's fall to you, city peoples.


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torin said...

nice photos! thanks for posting!

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