Stand Up Improv Mac and Cheese

Ok, so the baked mac and cheese that I made tonight wasn't really that funny, but I did improvise on ingredients and quantities....and it was still satisfying in a "Is this legal?" kind of way. These kitchen success stories make me feel like a woman!

Innovative and capable!

For the topping, I made bread crumbs from leftover pumpkin rolls and tossed in some of that peppered goat cheese from Spain that they sell at Whole Foods that's actually inexpensive and so good that you can almost forgive the Inquisition:

March 17th

So maybe it isn't that good, but then for the cheese sauce I tossed in some grated cheddar, parmesean, salted pasture butter, flour and milk and....Cholula! It's one of the few dishes I will admit tastes better with a little hot sauce in it for zing.

And then I used whole wheat macaroni. That makes it healthy, right?


Wrong. But it did win the MM's heart all over again when he got home tired and hugry from rock climbing. I'm putting him back to work tomorrow night though!

March 14th
Ooooh, I might be in the doghouse over this one!

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