A Little Mountain Shout-Out

If you haven't noticed, for the past seven months this blog has been less about real mountains and more about the mountains of wedding details that I've been tending to, but so goes this time in my life!

When I do get back to more actively loving the mountains
(instead of from my usual vantage point on the morning walk: Marc 16th)

Still with me? Ok, when I get back to my mountain-loving ways, I will probably need some gear.

And that's when I'll be headed over to MountainFresh Deals where some entrepreneurial friends of ours are sharing the best deals on mountain gear and apparel that the web has to offer. You bargain hunters can subscribe to the MountainFresh Feed and receive daily updates--which is key since some of these sales only last for a day or two. Hello new hiking shoes! And replacement sunglasses for the ones the MM broke last summer! So go check them out...and then become a fan on Facebook, yo!

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