What I Love About..

August 3rd

There are a few things that the Mountain Man can whip up in the kitchen that just cannot be beat. Guacamole is #1. Tempeh tacos are up there too, followed by french toast. So when he makes tempeh tacos with his special guacamole for supper, well, sometimes I have to dance around the kitchen singing "I love you more today than yesterday!" (By The Spiral Staircase, who else?) And then I go write it down in that book. All of which embarrasses Steven, so enough of that.

We got our fill of musical this weekend anyway. Last night we saw My Fair Lady as part of the Ash Lawn Opera series, and today I somehow talked him into going to see Mama Mia with me. So he gets to choose the next movie. It'll probably be Batman. And I'll love it about as much as nothingbutbonfires did. But I'll do it as long as he makes french toast the next morning, because that's how we work.

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