i [heart] Jackson Hole and Newman's Minty-O's

Kelly 9.27.04 001

I [heart] Jackson Hole so much that even though I don't live there anymore, the Tetons are still the header to this blog. It's more like a state of mind on most days, but on the days leading up to actually being in Jackson, I get all teary-eyed and love-struck at the thought of flying into the valley with the sun setting behind the Grand. Sigh.

And I'll be doing just that in less than a week! The Mountain Man decided he couldn't stand any more time apart, so we split the cost of a plane ticket next for Saturday. Wahoo! I can't quite put my finger on why it is, but having the guy gone so soon after we got engaged makes it ten times harder to be apart. Thank goodness for big white dress shopping! Except that I won't be wearing pure white. And the dress won't be big, and we might just shop in the closets of family members. Assuming grandmother, great-aunt or auntie's dresses fit.
And the Newman's Minty-O's? Just keep them in the freezer and you will see what I mean. Another good summer treat is Reed's Ginger Brew Ice Cream with sliced peaches on top. Do you think I could have a ginger peach wedding cake?
Remember when I got stung by a hornet on Friday? Yeah, well I do. Mostly because this is what happened to my arm:
It's itchy and swollen and I'm having trouble understanding why hornets got to win at the evolution game.

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Anonymous said...

I heart Jackson Hole too...don't worry, I think it's normal. I get teary eyed still. The only catch is that I live closer (for now), so I glean comfort from that thought. I can't wait to see you guys soon!

Oh yeah, and I love Ginger Os. Haven't tried Mintys yet, but I will!


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