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While I know it's not very big of me, at the end of a long work day, the only film genre that really interests me is romantic comedy. Dramas, thrillers and documentaries about melting polar ice caps and the military-industrial complex all have their place, but a girl needs a good night's sleep and last night Dan in Real Life was that go-to-sleep-relaxed-and-happy movie for me. Highly recommend it if you're of the "no disasters or violence after 8:00pm" mind.

Next, let me share that I am immensely pleased with myself for this find today:

Absence of garment photography skills aside, this is a Theory blouse that I got today at 75% off! $35 dollars, to be exact. I think the sales ladies at Eloise are starting to hate me, though, since I only darken their door when they're having one of these crazy sales. I do love that store, but I also have to eat and put gas in my car. Nevertheless! Entertaining photo sets on the internet are free and these two (admittedly pilfered from woolard speak) are so great:

I could even leave it at "Oh, isn't that a funny picture of our buffoonish commander in chief," but no, today I learned that something like 108 wolves who unluckily to wandered outside the Yellowstone National Park boundary have been gunned down from the air. And it's his fault. And that's when I get so angry that words escape me.


Andy Woolard said...

you know, combine Dan in Real Life (agreed, great movie) and a Presidential chest bump, and you can at least revel in the lighter side of life. I read the news about Yellowstone...I got all Edward-Abbey angry.

annabelle said...

I know, take a deep breath, wait for next Netflix rom-com to arrive, repeat : ) And wait for Obama to put a stop order on WY and ID Game and Fish!

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