What Vino Rosato Did To This Post

Cut it abruptly short, that is. Water would probably have been the better choice after going to an Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series class, but between the wine and Google being mysteriously unreachable last night, I am behind on the posts.

May 13th

May 12th

And if my layered skirt looks like it's laughing at me through that gaping hole, well, it probably is. I finished it on Monday night, washed it to get things to lie flat and there it was, the blown seam, the frayed edges. I'm still puzzling through how to do reconstructive surgery. Lesson #1 from sewing: Do Not Skimp in Seam Allowances.

I'll be back later this weekend to report on the 100-Mile Potluck we're hosting, and perhaps a finished project.

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