May 17th

May 17th

Well, friends, it may not be the most professional tailoring job, but I did it! I fixed the skirt and it fits me to a tee. And I will probably never put it in the washing machine again.

The great irony of learning to use a sewing machine and read a pattern is that all of the material from which I'd like to make clothes is expensive. It's pricey to the point that store-bought clothes are actually less expensive, and in the case of my abilities, better made. Steve pointed out that sewing and knitting are good skills to have if some type of Armegeddon came to pass. Of course then we'd have no power, so I'd have to find an old treadle model, or hook my machine up to a bicycle generator and make Steve pedal for his new pants.

Where was I? Oh yes, my May obsession with flowering things:
And the 100-mile potluck, which Steve and I did more to make more than 100 miles than any of our guests. We probably achieved 75% local food. Here's how the menu turned out:

Hors d'oeuvres
  • Bruschetta with local tomatoes, basil, garlic and bread
  • Bacon wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates with local goat cheese
  • Local greens salad
  • Local skirt steak and pork tenderloin with local peach habanero glaze
  • Grapefruit and avocado salad on local romaine lettuce
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Strawberry shortcakes with local strawberries and cream

  • Lots of local wine and beer
  • Not-so local Makers Mark and Ginger Ale with muddled mint
Off to begin the next crafty project, which uses this Kaffe Fosset shockingly pink and red print as its starting point:

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