On the Food Radar

We picked up our first delivery of vegetables from our farm share this week and were rewarded with wonderful mustard greens and salad mixes, radishes, flat-leaf parsely, baby leeks and kale. What a wonderful change after winter's salads with faded greens from far, far away. I'd show you photos...but we've eaten most all of it already!

In other local food news, The Eat Local Challenge reported that locavores have become an economic force to be reckoned with according to Business Week, "The Rise of the Locavore." To get the story, they visited the Abingdon, Virginia farmers market and spoke with Anthony Flaccavento, the director of Appalachian Sustainable Development. This is also Barbara Kingsolver's local famers market. She mentions it in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I read last summer. This is definitely better press than the psycho Robin Williams' character. [That might be the record for live links in a paragraph on this blog].

Finally, I bought a FEED 100 bag at Whole Foods yesterday.
Lauren Bush is my favorite Bush of all (no great stretch when comparing her to her uncle, but whatever), and I love her whole FEED concept of a stylish sturdy bag whose proceeds support UN World Food Programme school meals projects all over the world. At $30 or so, it's less expensive than the bigger Feed Bag sold through Amazon too. The video is pretty warm and fuzzy, but I like it.

Clearly I have developed something of a reusable shopping bag fetish, but this might be an even better present than an Envirosac because of what it achieves. If you leave near a Whole Foods, go get one!

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