Now This Is Fun

I get two daily emails with sustainable living tips and news, one from Ideal Bite and the other, Sprig. I was a little dubious about signing up for Sprig in addition to the Bite, and half the time Sprig just pushes consumerism and stuff instead of ways to require and acquire less. But occasionally they interview someone interesting--Lauren Bush last week (although the interviewer's question asking skills were on par with those of someone in middle school).

So anyway, today Sprig featured an interview with Jered Lawson, the owner and director of a working farm and environmental education center called Pie Ranch. Like many of these programs, city kids come out to the farm to learn about the natural world, the food system, ecology, etc in an experiential, interdisciplinary kind of way. I gave this type of work a try for a year at Teton Science School and while I found that teaching isn't my true calling, I still firmly believe in the value of the work and love hearing about innovative environmental ed programs. At Pie Ranch they [you guessed it!] grow the ingredients for and then bake pies. Berry pies, pumpkin pies. It's pretty darn cute.

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