Everything Looks Better in the Morning

May 5th

May 5th

When I manage to wake up early and walk on the farm, the morning always amazes me. We've been having one cool, soft Spring morning after another. My herbs and salad greens love the weather, as do the hayfields and the cows. Steve tells me that from his home office vantage point, it's beautiful out here all day. I'll have to take his word for it.

May 6th
May 4th


chris said...

That May 5 picture of the road in the morning is stunning. Makes me sigh out loud and love Virginia just a little bit more.

annabelle said...

I BEAM with pride when visitors and non-natives recognize Virginia's beauty. No matter where I live, VA is tops. Glad you liked the photo : )

MizMell said...

Virginia does, by far, have the most beautiful landscape.
I've been lurking for a while and have enjoyed your photographs.
I am a Virginia native living not far from you. I spent about half my life in West Texas--one of the reasons I appreciate the landscape even more.

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