Surrounded By Supermodels

And by that I mean my dog and my man. Lest it go to his head, I don't ever really tell Steve that I think he's a supermodel, but I do remind Isabel at least every other day. It probably has gone to her head.

It was a wet weekend at the NRG! We still got some climbing in, as well as an up-close look at an amazing waterfall, which ruined the stylish hairdo I was sporting after a night in my sleeping bag.

It seems like every time we do the grungy climber thing for the weekend, we have to turn around and get all gussied up for an occasion. Today was a particularly happy one! Most of my family was in Winchester to celebrate the re-opening and re-dedication of a Virginia Welcome Center to my late grandfather, Wayne A. Whitham, Sr. I grew up knowing that Grandaddy was Virginia's first Secretary of Transportation, but the significance didn't really sink in until I entered my current line of work in the world of transportation planning. Hopefully he'd be proud--we certainly were all proud of him today.

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