Snowed Under

Not a very apt metaphor for this time of year, nor this first sunny day we've had since last week, but I AM completely snowed under with work this week and have been a little MIA with daily photos and posts. I am working from home this morning for a little mental space and have a few minutes to post before I head to town and the day becomes really busy.

The Sunday garden touring was quite fun, but I somehow sustained a wasp sting and was bitten by a miniature horse. I was trying to pet said small horse but didn't have any apples, oats or sugar cubes. I still have a bruise on my forearm and an itchy welt on my leg from the wasp. All this was slightly mitigated by my dear mama buying me some herbs at the Greenwood Gourmet Grocery. [That sounds like I was some weepy child in need of an ice cream cone, or live plants as the case may be!]

If I get home early enough this evening, I'll be potting the new oregano, sage, sweet basil and Thai basil. VERY excited about fresh produce season and salads made from my backdeck potted garden.

Photos from the house and garden tour: I am completely convinced that the gray cat on the weathered gray bench was placed there intentionally. Otherwise, these millionaires' lives would just be too darn perfect. Did I mention that the pool house attached to this brick "pile" was bigger than our farm cottage?

April 20th

April 20th

Belted Galloways

Matching Cat

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