Welcome Spring!

March 20th

T.S. Eliot said that April is the cruelest month, but March might be the most paradoxical. With daffodils in bloom, redbuds coming out, Bradford Pears and Japanese Magnolias covered in flowers and the pastures greening up, the birds had plenty to sing about this morning, the first day of spring. Yet it was only about 52 here and extremely windy. So it's not yet time to put away the heavy coats. We'll still have to wait and see what April dishes out. For growers all over the Southeast, April 2007 indeed was the cruelest month when the Easter deep freeze destroyed most of the apples, peaches and berry harvests. For their sake and mine (I have a deep, deep love of Georgia peaches), let us hope that this spring is kinder.

March 19th

I picked up these gorgeous little French radishes at Feast! yesterday. They are so mildly flavored and tender, I've been eating them plain. And I am incredibly excited that this spring and summer we will be sharing a full CSA share from Innisfree Village. Not only is Innisfree a home for adults with mental disabilities, it is also less than 10 miles from our front door. I feel like we've gone uber-local this time and look forward to some fine and tasty produce--and we're supporting a wonderful establishment in our community.

I'm off to Richmond tomorrow for the Easter weekend. I'll be throwing a bridal luncheon for a childhood friend and visiting with family. And finally picking Steve up from the airport after his Colorado backcountry adventure. Apparently he just spent the past three nights sleeping in something about like this:

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