I [heart] kombucha

I don't consider myself to be a saleswoman type, but there are a few products about which I am completely fanatical.
Kombucha would be one of those. Technically Kombucha isn't really a ! product; it's a cultured tea beverage that's been brewed in China, Russia and Eastern Europe for centuries using a mushroom that grows live cultures in the tea. Crazy stuff! It's pretty easy to brew at home, although I haven't tried yet. I do like Synergy Kombucha (pictured here) the best.

Originally uploaded by fry fry

And why is Kombucha so great you ask? It's energizing, good for digestion, curbs the appetite, helps fight cancer and (so I'm told) can bring back hair color. Like other fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchee and kefir, it's good for the gut and the immune system. I'll stop before I drive away all my blog readers, but check this stuff out!

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