A Negative Incentive to Feel Positive About

San Francisco is plastic bag-free. Whole Foods Market will be on Earth Day 2008 going forward. And Ireland, thanks to a $0.33 tax on plastic bags that has brought the issue to the forefront of Irish minds and made using them socially unacceptable. Check out the NYT article "Motivated by a Tax, Irish Spurn Plastic Bags"

I think Charlottesville needs to maintain its claim to progressive, sustainable, green fame by becoming the first city in Virginia to do the same!

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Lizzie Harris said...

I noticed during my trip to Ireland in 2004 that there were no plastic bags. It was almost eerie. When I went to the grocery store with Virginie, she had her own giant canvas grocery bag that she brought with her. And when I went to the grocery store with Glen, he had cardboard crates that we brought into the store with us. I never thought to ask him about it at the time. I just thought Irish people had to be some kind of geniuses. Also when I bought things from touristy gift shops, all of the little bags were flat paper bags.

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