Less Far Afield

I have managed not to leave the state this weekend! In a less-than-brilliant choice of a hike, we tried to go up St. Mary's Gorge, but post-ice storm the river was really high. The thought of cold, wet feet in our cold, wet boots didn't appeal, so we turned around and stopped off at Crabtree Falls on our way back over the Blue Ridge on Route 56, which is one of my favorite roads in Virginia.
Driving back through the Rockfish Valley, we stopped at Blue Mountain Brewery to meet some friends and try their new Evil 8 Belgian style ale. Rounding out the lovely day, we watched "The Hoax," which didn't get much media coverage, I recall, but plenty of critical acclaim. I thought Richard Gere was good, but all in all, a strange film.

My pup's inscrutable gaze likely means she was thinking "What is it with these humans and their need to stop and point that little black thing at every icicle and fern? And me?!?"

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