Bad News High Heels

I should have known better. After a creaky yoga session following a week of desk jockeying, I should not have worn high heels for the better part of Saturday, but alas, there were parties to attend in Richmond and I didn't think that my Dansko clogs would work with a cocktail dress. Now I am paying for it with a flare-up of the old back injury and have some flat-out time on my hands.

But enough moaning and groaning from me. Go listen to my friend Chris Edwards' latest work, which he just posted. He's crafting his songs with Hem-like care and attention. And if you haven't heard of Hem, well, get thee to iTunes and check out their 2001 album, "Rabbit Songs," because it is amazing. If a patchwork quilt had a sound, this would be it.

We are headed to Canaan Valley, West Virginia for the weekend in hopes of finding enough snow for a cross-country ski tour, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up since the forecast is currently calling for rain. Keep your fingers crossed for my lower back's recovery and a major accumulation at Whitegrass!

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