Bridge Beauty

The New River Gorge is one of those places whose natural beauty is so breathtaking, it hardly needs improvement. But then there's that bridge, a single span of rust-colored metal so grand an example of human ingenuity that even I, who find more beauty in the Appalachians than an aquaeduct, House Mountain than a house, am dully impressed. We spent last weekend at "the New" climbing at two fantastic crags, Junkyard Wall and Bridge Buttress. Despite the perfect weather, both areas were nearly deserted and we had our pick of routes. As usual, not action photos since belaying someone is a two-handed kind of job.

Fayetteville, WVA has been mightily improved by Pies and Pints. I was almost as excited about getting to drink WVA-brewed organic beer and eat Cuban pork/jalepeno/pineapple pizza as I was about the climbing. Maybe I shouldn't admit that, but this restaurant appears to be doing really well and it's easy to understand why. P&P has made
it basically impossible to contemplate cooking macs and cheese on a camp stove.

More photos...
Oh, and the New River itself? Up at 12ft after heavy rain the week before. Fayette Station Rapid behind me in this photo was HUGE (note the scenic floating tire too)

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Lizzie said...

Awesome pics! Loved seeing you in Richmond! And thanks for the hilarious postcard!

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