The Fruit of My Labor

Here it is, the sole heirloom tomato to come from the hujongous (yes, that's a word) plant on the back deck. It's called a "Male Team" according to the little wooden stake that came with the seedling, but I might call is false start after all the flowers that didn't fruit. I probably just need some pointers from a back deck gardening pro. I'm waiting for Steve to come home, take a properly admiring look, and then we're going to slice this bugger up, sprinkle on a little salt and enjoy!
News from the farm also includes the new [used] car I didn't really want to buy:
And to close, a full summertime view of the cottage. Less green grass, new flower pots with petunias.


Kelli said...

Ann, that tomato is beautiful!

Lizzie said...

Yeah I hate it that I'm such a wuss and don't ever ride my barely broken-in mountain bike I got from Santa in the 7th grade. The condo in Oxford is supposedly biking distance from the center of town, only about 2 miles away I think, but I'm not sure if it's bikeable roads. Joe and I both want to take our bikes, but with any luck this mapquest is telling us it's two miles by highway. Not sure if I'm interested in biking the back roads of MS either! Hey we look awesome in my photo! I am so cool to be on this thing. Keep up the good work! Good luck on growing some more maters! My Uncle Tray is currently growing (all kinds of things) a large patch of edamamme on his farm. I hope he can bring us some when it's ripe. Also hope to see you in August!

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