Almost Summer!

Mist clearing off the Blue Ridge around 6:30 one morning last week

While I increasingly seem to be keeping an updated-monthly blog, at least I've finally sat down to catch up on some recent happenings! Between that pesky car and starting a new job, it's been a hectic few weeks. Virginia has hit its full summer stride. The mountain tops to the West are green, green, green, and the rivers are only running fast after big rains. Afternoon thunderstorms have been cooling us off most days, and I'm hoping they keep coming.
We went for a great hike last weekend from Reed's Gap south to Hanging Rock on the AT. We walked through lush woods and saw several of these penstemons along the way. We heard several hermit thrush's too, but darned if I've ever seen one.

We stopped short of the summit of Three Ridges because the guidebook said it was forested and didn't have a view. Hanging Rock did though! If I'm not too turned around, that's the Priest behind us to the southwest. Quite a steep section of the AT in those parts.
Although I didn't take a camera, we also bushwhacked back up to Sunset Crag on the backside of Old Rag yesterday. The shade and quiet on such a hot day were well worth the scramble.

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